JCT Dispatch Service - 

With any company we will quote them aggressively and provide a fuel card with average savings between .40 and .80 per gallon. 

 1-5 Truck Company Advantages:

  1. Speed to pay – TAFS can have them paid in one hour.
  2. Get Paid all 365 days of the year – Over 40% of our invoices are processed as one hour or weekend fundings.
  3. Access to business loans – Is not based off credit, but their factoring volume.

5+ Truck Companies are less focused on the speed of pay, but saving money and time.

  1. TAFS has some of the most advanced technology compared to other factors. We can automate their invoicing through API integration with TMS and our portal. This can save $5,000 a month in personnel or redirect those efforts toward revenue generating activities
  2. Our fuel card and aggressive factoring rates will limit their costs on capital and billing and collecting
  3. They receive a Personal Account Executive whom is familiar with their account so issues can be handled efficiently